Mobil Oil Guam Inc. Press Releases

Mobil Oil Guam Inc. Press Releases

More additive across Synergy grades of gasoline to help improve engine performance
New grade names to better differentiate product offerings

GUAM, Hagåtña - Mobil service stations in Guam are launching an improved petrol formulation with increased additive to help improve engine performance. While Synergy continues to be the family name for our fuels products, the new petrol will come with new grade names to help customers better differentiate the fuel offerings. The improved gasoline formulation will be available to all motorists in Guam beginning today.

Along with the new offering, the names of the gasoline grades will also be changed: Synergy Regular Unleaded will now be called Synergy Extra and Synergy Super Unleaded will now be called Synergy Supreme+.

President of Mobil Oil Guam Inc. Charles Ewart said: "ExxonMobil's scientists have developed an improved petrol formulation to provide a deeper clean that will help improve engine performance and responsiveness."

Mobil Oil Guam has been a member of the Guam community for more than 60 years and we are constantly working to innovate and provide a higher quality offering to our customers.

The latest launch is an example of Mobil Oil Guam working to better serve the community. Some notable accomplishments in the past five years include
  • The successful completion of upgrades to 20 Mobil service stations, including canopy replacements, which have enhanced the overall customer experience at our stations.
  • Completion of the Guam and Saipan terminal up
  • grades to ensure reliable supply of high quality fuels to our customers.
  • The first petroleum company to contribute to the University of Guam's engineering program as part of the institution's 60th Anniversary Capital Campaign. The company continues to contribute towards the completion of the University of Guam’s 21st Century campus.
  • The successful launch of the Student Smiles Program for University of Guam and Guam Community College students that enables students to enjoy better fuel discounts at Mobil stations.
“We had invested to upgrade our service stations over the last few years, and we are now improving our fuel formulation. This improved gasoline is an example of how Mobil continually innovates to better serve the motorists and community in Guam,” said Mr Ewart.